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Cooperative Brand

The company mainly focuses on the research and development and production of automotive automatic transmission, brake, chassis system of hot and cold complex forging parts. Main customers: SAIC Auto Transmission, Herdek, Fiat Chrysler, Nyapco, Hunan Rongda, Liuzhou Auto Transmission, SAIC GM, Geely, BYD, Great Wall, Bunch Power, etc.

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The company has a number of provincial R&D platforms, such as “Jiangsu Province Research Center of cold-temperature-heat Composite Precision Molding Engineering Technology”, “Jiangsu Province Enterprise Technology Center”, “Jiangsu Province Postdoctoral Innovation Workstation”, “Jiangsu Province Enterprise Graduate Workstation”. It has also established close production-university-research cooperation with Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Aerospace and other universities, and formed a technology innovation system integrating technology research and development, achievement transformation, production-university-research cooperation.