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AIGO Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales. The main products involve the design and manufacturing of power transmission parts for new energy vehicles, the design and manufacturing of industrial robots, the design and manufacturing of components and equipment front-end in the fields of medical instruments, aerospace and military.

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The company actively participates in the research and development of cutting-edge projects and the design, development and production of new energy vehicles and aerospace parts. With precision forging, cold pier, nano metal forming, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and other non-ferrous metal forming and precision parts processing business.


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The company has a number of provincial R&D platforms, such as “Jiangsu Province Research Center of cold-temperature-heat Composite Precision Molding Engineering Technology”, “Jiangsu Province Enterprise Technology Center”, “Jiangsu Province Postdoctoral Innovation Workstation”, “Jiangsu Province Enterprise Graduate Workstation”. It has also established close production-university-research cooperation with Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Aerospace and other universities, and formed a technology innovation system integrating technology research and development, achievement transformation, production-university-research cooperation.


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Over the years, our products have been exported to nearly 80 countries around the world. We have rich experience in export trade and are well received by customers

We have nearly 500 customers in nearly 80 countries. Our company ranks top 10 in the field of machinery manufacturing in China. We are your trustworthy business partner.

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