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Advantages of precision forging of aluminum alloy:

1, the material utilization rate is very high, up to 98%;

2, less or no cutting, low cost;

3, suitable for mass production. Mold molding products have high precision and good consistency;

4, with holes, can control the porosity, can be used for porous materials and oil bearing;

5, can produce special materials and products.

  • OEM Precision Forging

  • Aluminum Brass Hot Cold Forging

  • Stainless Steel Hot Forging

  • Press Metal Forging Parts

Disadvantages of precision forging of aluminum alloy:

1. High cost of raw material powder;

2, need to use mold, one-time investment is large;

3, small batch, high production cost;

4. Expensive production equipment;

5, due to the use of mold and pressure machinery, the size and shape of the product is limited;

6. Affected by pores, the mechanical properties are relatively dense and the metal materials are poor.

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